Jack's first Easter egg hunt!


We went to Jack’s first Easter Egg Hunt today! Last year we spent Easter weekend with my family out on the peninsula so we didn’t go to any egg hunts. This year we stayed in town and as I was playing with him in the park one day last week I saw a sign advertising an egg hunt in the park, so I took note and made a plan for us to go. I was excited because I knew he’d have a blast, two is a super fun age.

I got this super adorable bunny hat before Jack was born and have been waiting and waiting for it to fit him and this year it fit him perfectly! I didn’t have any “easter-y” baskets but I stole a basket from one of my house plants for him to fill with eggs and it worked just right! We’ve got a neighborhood egg hunt tomorrow so I’m debating going to that one too, but we might just chill for the rest of the weekend and enjoy the sunny weather! I hope your holiday weekend is wonderful!