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DIY Triangle Hanging Shelves

DIY Triangle Hanging Shelves

I knew I wanted more plants in my bedroom, but with not a lot of floor space, I'd have to get creative with how I was going to incorporate them.  I already had a board that I'd bought months ago to make a different shelf that I never got around to making so all I had to do was buy some cord and whip these up!  They probably only took 10- 15 minutes to put together, so they're a quick and easy way to add some great shelving to any room!


1x8 common board
Rope or Cord
Screw with anchor (anchor optional)

DIY Triangle Hanging Shelves

/ STEP 01

Take your 1x8 board and chop it into the lengths you want your shelves to be.  I made mine 26 inches.  I used a skillsaw to cut mine but if powertools freak you out or you don't have access you can have them cut the board for you at most hardware stores!  Or just use a regular saw!

DIY Triangle Hanging Shelf

/ STEP 02

Use a drill to make 4 holes at the corners where your rope/cord will go through.  How big your holes are will depend on how thick your rope is, but I used a 1/4in bit for mine. Make sure you don't make the holes bigger than your knot will be, otherwise it will slip through when weight is put on the shelf. 

DIY triangle hanging shelf

/ STEP 03

Take your first rope (cut to 57 inches long) and push the ends through the front two holes.  If the rope is frayed you may have to singe the rope ends to make it easier to push through the holes. Tie a knot at the ends of the ropes after you've pushed them through.

DIY Triangle Hanging Shelf

/ STEP 04

Once you've done the front rope, repeat the same process with the back rope. Cut the back rope to 55 inches (the back rope is slightly shorter because it's flush to the wall, whereas the front one has to angle back to the wall).

DIY Triangle Hanging Shelf

/ STEP 05

Screw a hole in your wall where you want to hang your shelf!  I used an anchor to help secure my shelf because I knew I'd be putting plants on in and didn't want the weight to be an issue.  If you aren't putting anything heavy you might be able to get away with a nail, but I'd recommend a screw. Voila, you're done!

DIY Triangle Hanging Shelves

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I've been tweaking our bathroom a bit here and there and I've been loving the little details.  I took out our ugly old medicine cabinet mirror and replaced it with this circular mirror.  It doesn't quite cover the hole from the original medicine cabinet so I need to do some patching (as you can see in the last photo), but I love how much bigger and more open it makes the space feel. I also have had the little moon hook and dip dye macrame plant holder for years and have never found the right spot for them, and this little corner in the bathroom feels like the perfect nook!

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Banana Leaf Photowall Wallpaper


My banana leaf wallpaper dreams have finally come true!  Earlier this year I became obsessed with banana leaf wallpaper and was trying to figure out how to incorporate it into my life. When we moved back into our house I was unenthused with my old hexagon mural accent wall in our living room, and after photoshopping a banana leaf motif on to the wall instead, I was sold.  

A couple months later, Photowall contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in partnering up and doing one of my walls in their wallpaper, and when I realized that they had the perfect banana leaf pattern I was even more thrilled to partner up!  

I've never done "real" wallpaper before, that is the glued-on kind.  All the wallpaper walls I've done so far have been the removable stick-on kind, which is an amazing option for someone who rents or just doesn't want to commit to gluing wallpaper on.  So this was my first foray into grown-up wallpaper, if you will.  This isn't a huge wall, but I was able to get all my panels up in just about an hour and change, which was perfect since I was able to get it done while my son napped.  

I also ended up repainting the door in the middle of the wall because I liked the bright flamingo pink next to the wallpaper better than the yellow that it used to be.

I'm pretty excited about wallpaper's triumphant return to the hallowed halls of interior design current trends. If you're loving wallpaper and have your eye on one of Photowall's patterns (or want to make some wallpaper or a mural out of your own photo or design, you can also use Photowall to upload your own image!), I've got a 20% off discount code for you guys, which is good for the next 30 days!  Just input the code below at checkout!