Today was a good day at work and also my worst day at work. I work very hard at my job, though I'm only a part time barista. I pride myself on making quality coffee and being happy and nice to people, and having a good work ethic. It's only a temporary job to get through school, but I like it and never hate having to go to work. Any way, today this guy and his wife came in and they wanted two breakfast bagels (toasted bagels with egg, cheese, and ham on it), on asiago bagels. For some reason the bakery doesn't send asiago bagels to our store, though we get one every once in a while. I told the man this and he still seemed upset at me for not having an asiago bagel, though I told him I'd ask if they could send some. So me and my coworker make them their breakfast bagels and I take them out to them and they say they want them to go. So I take them back and I start wrapping them to go. Then he comes up and he's like, "Why aren't you wrapping them in tin foil?" and I'm like, "Well, we don't have tin foil here, this is how we wrap them." And he proceeds to tell me that we DO have tin foil and that he's come here every other sunday or so and they always wrap it in tin foil. I have worked here for six months and never have I ever seen a shred of tin foil. So I tell him I'm sorry and that this is all we have and that this is how we wrap them. After all this he gets mad at me and tells me that I'm rude and have a bad attitude! I keep telling him I don't have a bad attitude, and that I'm just trying to get his breakfast bagels made and wrapped while helping other customers who are waiting at the same time, and that I'm just moving quickly because it's necessitated by the busy hour. He still tells me that I'm extremely rude and that I haven't been very accomodating and that he is dissatisfied with our service. At this point I don't know what else to tell him and he is being extremely rude and mean to me for no reason and I forcefully ask him to leave while he's still telling me that I am unaccomodating and have a bad attitude. I am practically yelling at him to leave while there are other customers in the store and some waiting to order.

It was extremely upsetting. I am a person who tries very hard to make the store as quality as possible, from the way it looks to the food and drinks I serve. I am also a person who HATES to be falsely accused of things. I think that is probably the thing that I hate most in the world. Because at that point what can you say? All you can do is try to prove your innocence, usually to someone who's already convinced of your guilt. I hope he never comes in again. I told him he shouldn't come in again. He asked me what my boss would think of that and I just said, you know, I'm not my boss, and
I am asking you to leave.

I don't understand why some people think that just because they are being made something by another person, that person is automatically their personal servant for 4 minutes to be treated however they want. I've only had two or three bad customers, but none as bad as that guy. I'm not going to tell him he's an asshole and force him to leave, but I just wanted to take his damn breakfast bagels and eat them both while shoving him out the door. I wish I hadn't put asiago bagels on the list for my manager of things to get. Asiago my ass. I like asiago bagels too, but I'm not going to bitch out a store for not having them. Thank God I made $22 in tips to make up for that horrible time.

I need something happy to happen today. I know, I will call on a Winnebago Brave on craigslist!

And here is a pretty picture from to make me happier....

Sorry, that was long winded....