MwM Episode 2

Here's to another Menswear Monday!  No, I did not forget, I have just been out an about doing things since 8:30 this morning.  The second issue of CORSAIR Magazine is looking extremely lovely and I am quite excited for it.    But anyways, onwards and upwards to MwM!

This week is all about vests and vest type items.  As a default, this post is also all about layering, since wearing a vest on is own would be somewhat strange, and decidedly too cold for the recent climate.  My favorite of these is the second one,  the dark jean vest is just so eighties, I can hardly stand it.  It almost makes me want my own black jean vest...

I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but I think I could go for some acid wash slim jeans.  Well, actually I could just go for doing my laundry, but I'm way too busy.  What is your guys' favorite vest look?  All four have such different vibes going for them!

Tomorrow I may have some sneak peeks of issue 2 and some finished works of art!  Stay tuned, lovelies, and thank you for the comments, they make my day!