Scarf mania!

Well, my help has been enlisted to find ways that guys can wear scarves. My little bro wants to start wearing them and was wondering if I had any ideas how guys can wear them. Of course, I enlisted the help of trusty Lookbook, and found these fellows sporting the trendy neckwear:

This one doesn't have a scarf, but I just really liked his look and thought it would look really good on my little bro. I like the jeans and the jacket especially... And then here are some scarves I found at different shops:
Urban Outfitters

Hot Topic

I really like Hot Topic's selection of scarves. As bad of a rap as they get for being corporate punk sell outs, they really have some good pieces in there if you look the right way. They're pretty inexpensive too. I am currently wearing a scarf of theirs, actually.