Weird Day post

I just spilled the melted ice of my Bailey's drink all over my bed.  That's what I get for using a book as a table.  Today was a weird day.  I remember now why I don't like it here.  I remember why I wanted to leave two months ago.  Without him there is really nothing here for me.  I just need to graduate school and get out of here.  There's one too many people in this city.  I wrote a semi-scathing opinion article about how my school has a serious dearth of style for the school newspaper last week.  It came out today and I received an email from some guys who beseeched me to come down from my high horse.  It was amusing.  I think they missed the point.

"Dr. Ms Johnson,

I am afraid that me and a few of my friends apparently fall under the umbrella of "sweat suit donners" that you have established in your recent piece.  We of second floor mac are but simple plebeians and beseech you of great wisdom to have mercy on our poor conformed souls. If you could find it in your heart to descend from on high and pick out some outfits for us and teach us how to transcend the mundane we would feel deeply indebted to you.  We have not much to offer, other than our bodies as your canvas, and God's blessing (one of us is a theology major).  Please let us know if this is agreeable to you.

In great deference,


In other news, there is an inexplicable bruise on my left knee.  

Does anyone else wish there was helvetica on this thing?  I have been pretty stoked on helvetica lately.  I know, I know, it's the trendy-typographer thing to be into helvetica.  

We continued figure modeling in my sculpture class today.  I like it.  It's pretty relaxing just mushing clay around.

I am going to give myself cavities eating all these damn heart candies.  I made ramen for dinner tonight.  I feel like eating it every night for a week and acting like I'm as poor as I actually am.  Luckily I can eat in the school cafeteria for the next three months before I actually do have to eat ramen every night.  

I am feeling weird today.