MwM Episode 3: Leathuh

This week on MwM:  Leather Jackets!  Nothing can transform a boy from good guy to bad guy like a kick ass leather jacket.  Of course, we all like them to actually be good, but looking bad is so alluring, am I right?  Look two incorporates week one's focus, scarves, and leather for a softer look.  The last look is a mixture of this and last week, a leather vest.  

Tomorrow is printing day for issue two of CORSAIR, so hopefully I'll have some pages to show you guys soon.  I am looking forward to that, as well as getting some feedback on my painting from my painting prof.  
Other than that, I am really over human beings right now.  I think that's probably why I just want to stay home and be alone in my room all the time these days.  Mostly I am over girls.  I am so glad I don't know the kind of girls who are slutty, bitchy, drama-raisers.  I have not ever had to deal with those kinds of girls, and thankfully I don't think I ever will.  I am praying to God that if I ever have a daughter, she never has friends like that.  I will seriously just kick their asses personally.  I'll be the crazy 40 year old mom.  Sometimes I think that no wonder guys don't like being with some girls and cheat on them all the time.  Girls can be so naggy and untrusting and whiney.  But guys can be dirtbags too, by all means.  

Sometimes I just lose faith in humans.  I will have faith in them again one of these days.  Thankfully the people I am friends with and hang out with are good quality people.