Finally an outfit post!  Don't worry, there are more to come.  Yesterday was so sunny!  I got to ride my bike to everywhere I went!  Tomorrow I don't have to work so I think I'm going to ride my bike everywhere again and lay in the woods looking at the sky.  I am praying it's warm and sunny enough for that.

Dress/thrift : Cardigan/Urban Outfitters 

My art show opens on Tuesday evening!  I got a dress just for it!  It's the most perfect item of clothing I've ever purchased.  Don't worry, you will see it so soon (or if you want to be a cheater, you can go look at my Lookbook or Chictopia).  I actually didn't buy it just for the opening, but it turns out it will be perfect for it.  It will also be perfect for my Love's graduation which I will be attending so soon!  I'll probably end up wearing it for my graduation as well.  A mere four weeks away!  Yikes!