Today I went on a picnic.  I raided the school cafeteria and went out and found some warm grass to park myself on.  I wrote a letter and wished that I had a music playing device so I could listen to Jim Croce's Operator on repeat for an hour (scroll down and you can!).  

I can't seem to get enough of my orange cardigan lately.  Soon I'll get my laundry done and have more options to occupy my mind with.

Top/Urban Outfitters : Dress/ebay : Tights/ballet tights : Shoes/thrift

I pulled out my old ballet tights today.  I wish I still had the time to take dance classes.  I have really taken to wearing tights lately in order to continue wearing dresses whilst being decent on a bike.  The weather is forecast in the seventies for the next three days.  I can't wait!!

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