I have my soft sculpture due tomorrow afternoon.  I finished it this afternoon (amazingly, far in advance!)  I made a paper dress with all the detail done by cutting out pieces.  Here is the skirt portion in it's near-done state before becoming a dress:

And here's the finished dress, held up by little paper birdies.  It's probably about a foot tall.

Our assignment was to do three 20 minute daydream sessions, followed by three 20 minute sketch sessions.  Then our sculpture was to be inspired by the daydreams and drawings.  I spent much of my daydreaming flying on a plane home for spring break, so I drew a lot of birds.  The dress represents a lot of things.  Fragility, purity, femininity, etc.

It's been sunny here, so hopefully I'll get some bike pictures!  My bike is my favorite part of warm weather...