Lauren and I + food times!

Today I have been feeling quite tired. Not sure why. I guess it's just the lay of the day.

I decided to go out and spend some of my precious dollars on food! I was going to get sushi and wine and watch T.V. at home in bed (thrilling, I know). But wine was too expensive to justify, so I went slightly less classy and got a 24 oz bottle of Mike's Hard. Hah! And I decided to make myself one of my favorite food items: bruschetti on french bread! I must tell you how to make it, it is so delicious.
I learned this from a missionary family who was staying at our house on furlough from Italy.
To make this delicious treat, you will need:
grape tomatoes
fresh basil
olive oil
garlic clove
french bread

Cut the tomatoes into small pieces and place them into a bowl. The amount you make depends on how many people/how hungry you are. Then, cut up the basil leaves (sometimes I use a pizza cutter, but a knife works just fine). Put the basil in the bowl with the tomatoes and pour a splash of olive oil in there, then put a decent amount of salt in. Don't be afraid of salt, it will really make the flavor pop. Cut the french bread into slices, and then put your oven on broil and toast the bread so it's crispy, but don't burn it! Then cut the garlic clove in half and once the bread is done toasting, rub the garlic clove on the bread. Now you are ready for deliciousness! Just spoon the bruschetti onto the bread and enjoy!

Oh, you know, just hanging out with Lauren Conrad, eating some din, in bed with my Mike's Hard. Anyone want to come hang out with me? I promise I'm less lame-o than I sound!

Also, I need a tripod. And I think my baby cam is dying. Time to start using my Rebel EOS. It's far less convenient to haul around, though.