I'm not sure what happened with this first photo, I think my camera was on a weird setting.  

Channelling my mother circa 1979.

Shirt/vintage(mom's) : Skirt/vintage : Shoes/thrift

This is one of my favorite shirts.  It's really cropped so I either have to have a midriff baring day or high waisted day.  I prefer high waisted.

Today it was SEVENTY FIVE degrees outside.  Absolutely perfect weather.  I'm hoping it stays like this for our senior exhibition opening reception/barbeque tomorrow evening.  
Speaking of which...

It's all hung and ready for viewing!  I hated to part my living room and couch since they aren't the same without each other, but it just went with this piece so perfectly that it was impossible to say no.  We had couches in our jr. exhibition, so we thought we'd do it again.  My couch is an enormous bitch to move though because its a seventies hide a bed.  Translation: one thousand pounds.  I know, it looks innocent enough.  Anyway, this is what you see as you walk into the gallery.  Pretty cool!