Slowly but surely

I live right across the street from a little library and I can see right into the windows.  Every night a car shows up in the driveway of it and then all the lights get turned on inside.  I know it's probably someone doing a mundane library job, but for some reason it always seems magical.  Like something whimsical and magical is going on in the vacant library.  Perhaps all the books are coming to life!!

My painting is sort of coming along.  I wish I'd been able to work on it over spring break, but oh well.  I got the interior lines of the Winne sketched in and added gold leaf (!) which was like one of the most instantly gratifying things I've ever done.
Sorry the photos are slightly blurry, I couldn't use the flash because the gold leaf was so reflective it just looked like a bright flash.  Now the hard part starts, namely, actually painting the Winne.  It's a familiar figure though, which is nice.  Makes it a little easier.

It's late!  Past my bed time certainly...