Time Bandit

I was thinking today about how I mostly exist in a time period which is a conglomeration of the 70's and the 00's. Really, our current time period has no control over us, beyond the effect of current events. I could live in a 60's haze, surrounding myself with Beatles records, typewriters, and clothing of the time. I could live in the eighties with tape decks, shoulder pads, and big hair. Really the beauty of the present is that we get to pick any time period from the past and incorporate it into our current lives. I could live sans-internet if I so chose.
I think for the most part I choose to live in a mash-up of the 60's and 70's with a few conveniences courtesy of the current times. I sure do love the cultural exchanges that the internet has provided. And cell phones are pretty great.
Plus, I feel like only dressing in current trends is so shortsighted. Why would you chose to only wear trends that are current when there are thousands of years of styles available to us? Obviously new trends are fun because, well, they're new. Same goes for music. I don't really understand why people only listen to new music. There is so much good music from the past. Why can't I like music that my mom liked when she was my age? No one is saying I can't, I just find it odd how widespread this obsession with the new is.
Really, when I drive around, I half imagine that it's 1979. I only wish everyone drove 70's cars to complete the daydream.

Here is an outfit from Wednesday. There are going to be a lot of art building outfit pictures since I spend most of my time there now.
Jeans/wet seal : Shirt/thrift : Shoes/thrift

I finished my paper dress tree sculpture yesterday. They look so nice fluttering about in the tree. Hopefully the tree's leaves will come out soon and then they'll be so great among the brand new fresh leaves! I wish I had been able to make like fifty or one hundred, but I have not the time.