Long time, no see

Sorry for the looooooooong absence.  I'm currently traveling and the cyberworld is not as much a priority right now. Hopefully I will be back next week at full strength!  But for now: a decor post.  These are all old photos I had on my computer so I don't know where I got them from.  Likely Design*sponge or ffffound.  Anyway, if  you've seen them before on here, it's because they are old, but so good!

My best friend's boyfriend moved out and they broke up so she wants to start fresh with a fresh design in her apartment, so I thought I'd dedicate a decor blog to her new wonderful space in which her new life will flourish incredibly!!

I think one of the most important things to liven up and change a space is color.  People seem so frightened of using color in their homes, but I think it is the one thing that brings it alive and makes it not boring.  I personally really love blues and greens...

I think it's also pretty important to make your space just scream your name.  Whether it's my winnebago decor or the amazing chalkboard wall...

Using unique and fun decorating accents can really change a space.  I love this wall of clocks, what a fun alternative to just photos or artwork.
Another really great way to spruce up your place is to pay attention to your ceiling.  This great idea to decoupage your ceiling comes from mr. peacock!
Plus, it's completely washable, which is perfect for a rental!

I think it's very important to create a haven in your bedroom.  You should be surrounded by things that are soothing and relaxing.  Everyone wants a different bedroom.  You could have a sex kitten bedroom, a girly bedroom, an artsy bedroom, whatever suits your desires.  
I have filled my bedroom with things that make me happy and that are visually pleasing to me because I'm an artist and the visual is so forefront in my mind and life. 
My bedroom is probably the most feminine it's ever been (not counting when I was a mere babe and presumably my ma decorated my little room all girly).  I figured I would have a quasi-feminine room for the time being because if I get married someday, I won't want my bedroom to be feminine so I'd better do it now.  I hate when married women decorate the house all girly and pink and have frilly throw pillows and feminine bedding.  I would loathe being a man married to those women and have to come home to a girly house.  To each his own, I suppose, but I don't want to be that wife.  Long philosophy, but oh well.  My room probably doesn't even look that feminine...