Tiny Soft Earth!!

I am in the midst of a great project! I'm making my own headboard for my bed... It's not quite finished yet. I'm thinking about whether or not I want to paint on it/ what I would paint. I'd like to be able to turn this in as an assignment for painting class so painting it has that advantage. I'll take a picture once its complete and in my room!

Speaking of interior designy things, I saw this room on ffffound and I immediately fell in love. I wish that modern TV wasn't in there. Mood killer. But the rest of this space is absolutely magical!
Last night I went out with some friends to ladies night downtown. To my chagrin, I got no outfit pictures, though I was wearing the cutest of outfits! I got this shot before I ran out the door though:
I had a great night, including only paying 3 dollars for all the drinks that I consumed (okay it was only three drinks, but two of them came to me for free! And I love free things), making new friends, and falling down while dancing! Hah! I wasn't that drunk but I am not used to drinking very much since I am always the DD, but it was certainly one of the more fun nights I've had in recent times. Plus, not having a hangover this morning was my favorite thing. Woo!

Okay totally unrelated, but I saw this on ffffound as well and I almost died from it's cuteness:

Tiny, soft Earth!!! w h o a! cute.com. Seriously.

Tonight is the release party for my illustrious (hah) magazine! It should be good times, and great music.