Wishlists, Slick, etc.

So many things have been assaulting my brain and eyes in the past 24 hours that this post may be a bit scattered. But first, I will share some wants. I won't even look at clothing to want because it just makes me sad that I can't afford any of it, but for some reason looking at interior design things doesn't make me sad. Perhaps it's because I just get so excited about decorating my future home that I don't care that I can't have these things right now.

First off, this incredible light fixture from Urban Outfitters. So exotic!

I love this quilt. I've been thinking about bedding a lot recently since I got new sheets. This quilt is simply lovely. I really love the look of quilts. I would like one someday. (UO)
Since I've changed my sheets, I've been in need of a new duvet cover. I don't want to buy a brand new comforter, so I think a duvet cover will do just fine. Found this one at UO, it could be a possibility. Alas, expensive!

This chandelier is just fabulous! It doesn't go with the aesthetic of my space, but it sure is fun! (UO)
I snatched this photo from ffffound.com and it's practically my dream existence. S e r i o u s l y. Living in a motor home on the beach??? Perfect!

Last night I ran across some Grace Slick photos and I just fell in love with her windswept 70's vibe and, of course, her thick dark hair. My desire to have bangs is solidifying, I think.

What a natural beauty, eh? I just love when people embrace their natural beauty instead of subscribing to "California Beauty." Not that some people aren't California beauties naturally, but a lot of people nip and tuck and bleach and tan and cake themselves in make up until they look like those natural California beauties. Like, watch one episode of The Hills. Hello, Heidi Montag. Anyway that is all to say that I like the beauty of the 70's because it was one of the most natural beauty periods in recent history, I think. The 50's were very prim-put-together-housewife, and the 80's were kind of this big hair over the top kind of beauty. The 60's were kind of a segue between prim and free-spirited. I simply cannot be a California beauty. I don't have the body, the hair, the face, or the clothes. I don't mind at all either. I prefer the Northwest beauty. Thank God my family moved out of California to Alaska when I was a small person.

Here is my dinner tonight! I walked around Fred Meyer for probably a half hour trying to figure out what to get. Avocado, Salad, and CPK BBQ Chicken pizza. Yum!