Job Hunting

Well, yesterday I think I applied to three different jobs, and then today I did one, and maybe will do another later.
Job hunting outfit...

Skirt/thrift : shoes/BCBGirls : Striped dress/Old Navy : Top/Billabong

Here is the only picture I got of my whole trip:

I was walking in NYC with my friend Jenny and we saw this guy with a snake and a polaroid camera. Obviously I had to have a picture. I'm pretty sure this is my new favorite picture of all time. Also, my desire to have a small green snake named Charles has been reawakened.

I was tagged by anacecilia to do 7 things I love. Here you go! (I'm going to assume family doesn't count because... Well, of course I love my family!!)

1. My Love! Duh.
2 + 3. Winnebagos and art

4. Hunter Jumpers, and my old pal Taco.

5. Music. Good music. I just made my summer playlist yesterday. It's epic.

6. Love of my life.
7. Painting interiors! I wish I could paint my apartment.

I'm supposed to tag seven people but I'm just going to let anyone who wants to do this go ahead and fill it out.