I got an email from Ruche today showing me this dress... instant love!  

I love black and yellow combinations.  Something about roads and piper supercubs...

... though I don't much care for bumblebees, the original yellow/black combo.  They are cute alright, if it's the fuzzy kind.

It rains here very randomly.  It will be an 80 degree sunny day and then all of a sudden a big black rumbling cloud will come in and for like a half hour to an hour it will be a storm.  It's bizarre to me, but I suppose this is how it is in some places, just not where I'm from.  The smell after rain is just so amazing though.  It's like the whole world is new... like the earth's "new car smell."  The whole earth seems like it gets a fresh start, wiped clean of everything that happened before the rain.  It reminds me of Noah's flood.  How the world was disgusting and people had just become so filthy that the earth needed a deep clean, so God sent the floods.  It's like a tiny reminder of that every time it rains nowadays.  A tiny cleanse of the world.  It's funny to think how God built in this cleaning system.  Water just falls from the sky and washes everything.  Isn't that kind of weird to think about?

I became non-lazy and took outfit pictures:

dress/streetfair : top/mom's vintage : necklace/vintage