Okay okay!  I'm finally back!

In the last week I have:

Driven across the state to help my dad with his boat
Driven back across the state with a Uhaul
Filled said Uhaul
Driven across the state again, with Uhaul
Emptied Uhaul
Boated up Puget Sound
Sat in Seattle traffic for 2 hours.

and finally relaxing.

And since all my clothes are in various suitcases from the move, my outfit availability is basically limited to what I am currently wearing with very little variation.  Also, my camera has been hiding here and there during the move, so I have not taken any pictures this week.  Not to worry, great pictures are coming!

But to keep this post from looking too text-y, here are a couple cool photos which I believe came from ffffound.

What cool lace necklaces, eh?  I am thinking I will probably get into jewelry making again this summer, so I might try to do something of this sort...