The Northwestern

It’s very foggy out today. Quintessential northwest. I went down to the beach at low tide and was walking when I realized that there were thousands of tiny tiny crabs beneath my feet! They wouldn’t move until my feet disturbed their little habitat. I tried to be careful to not kill them, but they were everywhere and so tiny. Some were probably the size of the tip of my little finger, and I have very small hands. I caught one of them in a little shell. He was so cute. I couldn't believe how many crabs there were! I love love love living in this hemisphere and this kind of ecosystem. Even eastern Washington was gorgeous to live in. I think I'm a west-of-the-rockies kind of girl. I'm probably a north-of-sacramento kind of girl too, but I haven't lived in california since I was five, so I won't make that judgement just yet.

Here's one of the little crabs...

green style fashion cute dressgreen style fashion cute dress
green style fashion cute dress
green style fashion cute dress
green style fashion cute dress
dress/thrift : sweater/nordstrom : shoes/minnetonka : scarf/thrift

I sent away one of my rolls of 120 film from my Holga. I haven't had any of my rolls developed since I got that camera two years ago. I have another roll but it's in some box from my move and it would be like searching for a needle in a haystack. I have a color roll in my Holga now, and after I finish this roll I'm gonna rig it for 35 mm film.

I have been pretty introverted lately, spending most of my time blogging and looking at other cool blogs and websites, reading books and political blogs/sites, and chilling with my family. Even though not that many people comment on my blog and I don't seem to reach that many people with this site, the community of bloggers and chictopia/lookbook have been really quite an uplifting group. It's nice to have a community like that which is there through good times and bad. The blog world is great because it's an escape from the messiness of the physical world. I think it's important to have a good balance of the blog and real worlds, but it's an interesting place that has come about recently. It's not like journaling or reading, which some people use as an escape, because we are actually interacting with real people.

I don't really understand the forces which make certain blogs super popular. Obviously these people have great style and photos and share cool things. The "it" factor if you will. Perhaps I do not have the "it" factor, but
I appreciate all of the people who visit me and comment and subscribe. It really does make my day to read the comments people leave, and to know that others enjoy the things I share here in my little corner of the internet. :)