I've got some things planned for the upcoming days in blog-dom. Keep posted for a giveaway coming soon. I'm getting things in order for that, so it should happen in the next few days. Also, tomorrow I'm going to a classic car show/cruise-in, so I'm brainstorming outfits for that. Plus, it will be the first time I've "shown" my car in probably five years. The poor old girl has seen a few too many scratches in that time, but such is the price for having it be a daily driver. It doesn't make sense to me to have her pent up in a garage for the sole purpose of looking nice. Classic cars were meant to be driven!

el camino classic car
Here is yesterday's outfit. I felt a little too high maintenance, but whatever.
pink outfit cute summer
skirt/Nordstrom : t-shirt/pacsun : shirt/pacsun : shoes/thrift

Sad news of the day: My little pup Pansy was put down today. She wasn't that old, I think she was only 9 or so, but she had gone blind from Glaucoma and it was causing her such extreme pain that not even painkillers could keep her comfortable. She was a goofball, not the smartest or most athletic dog, but certainly a wonderful little companion. She will be missed greatly. Here are some pictures from her better days:

cute dog jack russellcute jack russell
cute jack russell
Bye little Pansy!