Touch N Go's

I want a dog so bad. And I think I want a golden retriever. They seem so snuggly and friendly. Man's best friend material.

golden retriever skirt forever 21 cute outfit skirt forever 21 cute outfit nautical
nautical skirt forever 21 cute outfit
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On our way home to park the RV once and for all, we drove past a Naval Air Station where three F-18's were practicing touch n go's for aircraft carrier landings. It was incredible to watch. It's the kind of thing that makes me wish I wasn't 5'1" so I could be a jet pilot. Or even a C-17 pilot. When I was little I wanted to fly jets. Top Gun was my favorite movie when I was a kid, and it's still in my top list.

f-18 f18 hornet aircraft carrier

I will be home in Alaska in two weeks. It is weird. I think it feels weirder as it gets closer. Since graduation I have felt like a bird without a nest, fluttering about to the next perch until I have to move on and fly again. Moving home doesn't really feel like my own nest. It feels like I am just borrowing a nest until I can find my own nest. I liked living on my own for the past two years. I liked having my own domain. My own kitchen and furniture and grocery stores and local haunts. I feel like as long as I live at home I will just feel like I'm borrowing space. I don't really have an option right now though. Washington feels a little bit toxic to me right now. Time to go home, pay off my loans and get it together.