Transition Seasons

I am in Portland right now, and it is HOT. It's supposed to be 100 degrees today. I'm not really used to this kind of heat. It's a nice change though. Next week, though, I'll be on the coast of Washington again, where the ocean cools the atmosphere a bit.

Last week we went to the Sol Duc hot springs in the Olympic National Park. We took a hike to the Sol Duc falls as well, it was a lovely jaunt. I haven't been lugging my camera around lately, so here are some photos from my mom's iPhone.

I love the summer though. Despite the heat. I like the freckles on my shoulders from the sun tanning my skin. I like absolute seasons. Summer and winter are absolute seasons. Spring and fall are just transition seasons. I do like spring (more than fall) because it is so much about new life and new beginnings. But fall is just watching everything die. I don't like change. It makes me feel like I'm not in control, which I'm not- but I can pretend.

Fashion is so interesting because it embraces change. It's always about change. People are always looking forward to what is coming out on the runways for next fall, next summer, next spring. Maybe changing fashions makes it easier to deal with other change in one's life. I was always opposed to change. My room at home looked the same from seventh grade until I finally remodeled it last summer. It was funny changing it because it felt like I dealt with some of my dislike of change, I got over something and "turned over a new leaf" so to speak.

I think now I'm more open to change. I'm certainly not one who favors it, by any means, but I'm better with it.