I must say, I am rather pleased with my lil' ol' self. I have been techno-braining all day making tweaks to my blog and just now (in the middle of the night for me-that's how excited I am) I made a slideshow thingy to celebrate one year with Delightfully-Tacky! Okay, it's more than a year by now, but thereabouts. Please note that I am not the movie mogul of my family, that honor belongs to my brother, but here is the first "movie" I've made in years, dedicated to all you people who saunter around my tiny real estate here on the web:

(song is a cover of Bon Iver's Flume)

In addition to this technological advancement, you may note some changes to my sidebar! I've added some clickable items lower down, a chatbox for conversing amongst one another, and most notably....(drum roll).... Delightfully-Tacky's Blogger of the Moment! I know, it's not the most prestigious of awards, but I thought it would be cool to highlight the people who inspire me and are creative, neat human beings. Right now I am too sleepy to talk more about BOTM, but tomorrow (later today, as it were) I will make a larger post about it and introduce the first highlighted blogger!

Sweet dreams internet-friends!

*edit* I fixed the video so everyone can watch it..