Flying high

First off: Here is my exciting news from yesterday! My Topshop Bicycle Club bike arrived in the mail yesterday! I couldn't believe they can just pop a bike in the mail and it will fly all the way from Brooklyn to AK! I was so excited to get it out that, in my haste, I gashed my leg with one of the staples that held the box together. Ouch. It was well worth it though. How fun!!

topshop bicycle club winnertopshop bicycle club winner outfit

I think I found a new favorite place to take photos! I love these little planes. Welcome to Alaska... there are probably almost as many planes as human beings here. I like it.
cute outfit airplane plaid cardigancute outfit airplane plaid cardigan
cute outfit airplane plaid cardigan
cardigan/gap : shirt/thrifted : jeans/wet seal : shoes/minnetonka : scarf/thrifted

Also, I started my job today, so this was my first outfit for work! It's kind of just an in-between job, but it's nice to be working and getting a paycheck finally. Now that I'm home, I will be having a giveaway very soon, so keep posted!

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*edit* I just have to add this song because I feel it right now...