Hey, lets go!

Okay, I think the theme of todays outfit photos is "exasperation with my hair situation." Don't be surprised if I have chopped it off and acquired bangs in the next few days because it's driving me bonkers.
I started taking pictures and then got mad at my hair for getting in my face against my will, so I tossed this fascinator in my hair and it was perfect!

forever 21 cute skirt outfitforever 21 cute skirt outfit
forever 21 cute skirt outfit
shoes eighties purple heels
And new shoes! Ah, value village... I love thee.

The outtakes are all about me vs. hair...

forever 21 cute skirt outfitforever 21 cute skirt outfit
skirt/forever21 : shoes/thrift : plaid/pacsun : striped dress(shirt)/old navy : fascinator/handmade

I've been wearing this F21 skirt a lot lately, but I'm just trying to figure out all the options for it. It's like buying a new car, you have to get used to all the bells and whistles. I like that it's so wearable. It's comfortable, short but not slutty-short, it's very versatile, it's monochromatic so it works with many different colors (as well as black and white), and it flatters both a curvy and straight figure. Some skirts that look good on stick-figure type girls look really bad on those of us who are more curvy, but I think this skirt works on a myriad of body types.

Skirts are an essential part of a wardrobe. I used to never wear them until just last year. I think I was too body-conscious and nervous to step out of my comfort zone to wear skirts. I think I just wasn't aware of how to wear skirts. It's important to have different kinds of skirts for different outfits, as well as your good basics for pairing with lots of tops.

The basic skirt

There are two different kinds of basic skirt, I think. You've got your more streamlined skirt and your more playful one. I find that a really good playful basic is the AA/F21/etc. pocket skirt. It's more flouncy, a tad shorter, and easy to pair with bright colored tops.

playful skirt american apparel pocket

On the other hand, it's always great to have a nice pencil skirt. I have yet to find the right pencil skirt, though some of mine come close. There are so many pencil skirts to choose from. Some have a little more embellishment, some are shorter, some are longer, etc. Make sure you find one that hits you at the right place. I need to alter mine as they are a smidge long (probably due to the fact that they are size 8 and I am not...). The beauty of the pencil skirt is that it is nice for more daring outfits, as well as work appropriate outfits.

pencil skirt black

The playful skirt

These are the fun part of a wardrobe. These are the ones you wear when you're just feeling full of life. They are spunky, vibrant and fun. I think my F21 skirt up there is definitely a playful skirt, even though it's not colorful. The playful skirt is all about how it makes you feel. They're flouncy and youthful. I think they probably remind us of being little girls. There's a carefree quality about them.
playful cute skirt outfit
playful cute skirt outfit
playful cute skirt outfit

The edgy/sexy skirt

This skirt makes you feel like a sexy fashion plate. They're tight- but not slutty tight, short- but not slutty short, and sometimes they're even shiny! Leather definitely falls into this category. Bandage skirts too. My favorites always seem to be colorful. These are great day-night transition skirts, as they work nicely out and about, but still have enough sizzle to take you out on the town for drinks with friends.
blue sexy tight skirt outfit
pink leather sexy outfit skirt


I hated tights and leggings until I started wearing skirts. Now I love them. My goal is to get a bunch of really fun tights this fall/winter so I can continue wearing skirts even in the cold months. Plus, then you don't have to shave as often...bonus! The Clothes Horse always has the most fun tights.
tights fun pattern outfit
tights fun pattern outfit
tights fun pattern outfit
tights fun pattern outfit
tights fun pattern outfit

I have some exciting stuff coming tomorrow! Both blog related and life related! I have a fun thing that happened today, which I will reveal tomorrow (and is related to the giant bandaid on my leg...), and a new Blogger of the Moment to introduce! And, I start my new/old job tomorrow! Yikes!

Has anyone seen Totoro? It is one of the best movies ever. I used to watch it all the time as a kid. I wish I could still find that version, but this new re-dubbed version is still great.