Inspiration, deux

Ok, I had a little field day on the internet finding inspiring photos tonight. Here is what I gathered!

These first two are wedding pictures which I really thought characterized me. The first in car, and the cake, well, the design on it almost yells my name. Almost. I think I've always thought my car would be a part of my wedding (more so than the average girl). I have no plans for a wedding in the near or even near-distant future so these will all be filed away in my brain for future reference...

wedding car classic beautifulwedding cake unique design beautiful

On the subject of vehicles, here is a camper which makes my insides squiggle with delight! And even more fun is the fact that its a cupcake camper! Yep, this camper goes to markets and sells little cupcakes! That turquoise is one of my favorite colors...

cupcake trailer camper cute
Speaking of turquoise: this is the color I want my room to be. It just feels so fresh. And even though it's a light color it still seems to have warmth, which is important in Alaska. I have wallpaper in my room right now, so I'm not sure how I'm going to arrange for this color other than stripping it (ugh). Dreams, dreams.

turquoise room paint decor interiorI've been missing having a desk since I moved out of my apartment and got rid of my old desk. I don't use desks that often, but I have been doing a lot of work on the computer and it's nice to have a desk for that. Hopefully I can find one laying around somewhere at home and steal it for my new room.

cute desk decor
These book covers are just plain amazing. I wish I had been so cool in high school to have book covers like these. Luckily, I've read more books cover to cover since graduating than I did in most of my classes. So I still have need for book covers! They really make one's library look so sharp.
cool book cover designcool book cover design
cool book cover design

Rebecca, over at The Clothes Horse, always has the best tights. I haven't been wearing any since summer began, but they are such a nice thing to wear in the winter. I am going to try and find some lovely ones for when winter drops in... too soon.

the clothes horse cool tights