We all went to heaven in a little rowboat

Today is a day's day.
It is strange to be half a planet away from someone you love. Would it be closer traveling west or east? Or north straight over the top? What sort of strange, exotic, foreign things are to be encountered?
And here I am, in what some would call a strange, exotic and foreign land, but for me it's just normal. It is weird coming home again. I'm somewhat disappointed that I am back here again. I had such high hopes that I'd be off "being an adult" whatever that means. Instead I'm what Real Simple tells me is a "Boomeranger." And I'm sleeping alone in an enormous king size bed which takes up half of my tiny room. I decided not to move back into my room we renovated last summer. It was intended to be a guest room because I wasn't supposed to come back home, and I just can't live in that room. There is too much past there. It's like sleeping in my past and I so ache for the future. So I am sleeping in a room in this house which I've never before slept in.
I miss my little tacky apartment in Spokane. I miss the ugly 70's wood cabinets. I miss the squeaky sliding door. I miss the love I found there. Maybe I ran away from the loneliness and pain, but I still loved living there. I loved feeling like I could make it on my own, but in the end I had no one and nothing to hold on to there and the loneliness was unbearable.

My computer is out of battery and I don't know where my power cord is, so this is all. I hope I haven't depressed anyone. Here, this is fun: