Annie, get your gun.

Okie dokie. I meant to post earlier in the day (okay well, by the time I'm actually done with this post it will be tomorrow..), but it was a busy busy day. This is the first real chance I've gotten to sit down at my computer!

I was over at
fashion canvas today and saw these photos of Megan Fox:

Of course, she's smoldering hot (I don't think I've ever really seen a photo of her when she's not), but after looking at these photos for a sec I realized that she's got
my hair in them!

I wonder how long it took for her hairstylists to get her hair like that. Her hair in ever other photo I've ever seen has been stick straight-- the kind of hair that loathes holding curl. It just kind of amused me that she probably spent hours in a chair to get that hair, and I just woke up with it this morning. Then again, I doubt I could ever have her super-shiny straight locks. Even if I flat-ironed mine it would never look like hers.

I am content with my curls though. It took long enough though. Probably 17 years. I didn't like my hair at all until I was 17 or 18 years old. I remember how horribly frizzy it was and how I would buy Bed Head Control Freak straightening shampoo (which never ever worked, duh). I was way too lazy to straighten my hair too, so it just looked like a big frizzy pyramid on my head. I remember all the other girls in high school had beautiful shiny straight hair and mine was like this animal sitting on top my head. Finally I kind of figured out how to work with it by my senior year, and didn't even perfect my symbiotic relationship with it until college.

It's funny because now I would never want those girls' straight hair, I think I look weird with straight hair. I rarely flat-iron mine. It's odd how much of my self image is wrapped up in my hair. I think we all have something like that. Some girls have their hair, others have their legs, others have their figure, etc. It reminds me of The Matrix, when Neo gets plugged in again after being released from the Matrix and he has hair, even though his real self has none yet. He asks why, and Morpheus tells him it's his residual self-image manifesting itself from his memories of his life in the Matrix.

I doubt any of you (who are not related to me) have been following this blog long enough to remember the Tresemme/Project Runway contest last summer, but I won Tresemme products for a year for having "fierce" hair (anyone remember Christian Siriano? Hah!). It was kind of fun, I'd never won anything before! Anyway, this whole Megan Fox thing reminded me of it. I think it was almost exactly a year ago.

Hah! I hope this post doesn't seem arrogant or self centered. It's kind of really exciting to me to love my hair after a painful adolescence of not being able to manage it, and frankly, feeling kind of ugly because of it. It was truly an abusive, neglectful relationship I had with my hair for my formative years, and now we are full blown in love!

Okay, now onto blog duties:
The winner of the giveaway is .... Amelia from Ambiguous Alliterative Abomination!