Scenic World

I'm looking out the window and the leaves are starting to turn yellow and speckle the ground. The air is starting to have a nip to it, and the atmosphere smells like winter is moving in. As much as I dislike cold weather, I am quite excited. I love being cozy and summer is not conducive to coziness. Fall brings layers and fireplaces and laying beneath comforters in an effort to avoid slinking out into the frigid morning.
All this has made me think about what I'm going to be wearing in this season. Time to take a look into the past to see my favorite fall outfits.

Okay, the last one was from like a week ago, but I love it. I wore my Minnetonka boots the other day for the first time since last winter, so I
know it's fall. My (style) goal for this fall is to wear tons of tights and skirts. I tend to get lazier when the weather gets cold and just throw on my black jeans, but I'm going to try to be more creative than that.
I am getting tired of my job already. I've only been back at it for a month, but I remember my annoyance with jobs that have no upward mobility. I could do this job for ever and ever and it would never change. I think I need a new and different job in a completely different field so I can learn a new skill. I feel like I always need to be challenged. Being a smoothie/coffee girl is not challenging in the slightest.
Sometimes I think that I am just applying to grad school because I am chasing that feeling of being challenged. Or just running away from feeling useless. I hope I'm not. I think that this school is where I want to go. Sometimes it seems like you can never know for sure if you are making the "right" choice, you just have to trust that it will work out and that your life is yours to make.
I think if I had my way I would be in school my whole life (with breaks, of course). I just love learning and acquiring knowledge and then applying that knowledge. It gives me purpose and drive. I just feel no purpose now except for when I am working on my portfolio for grad school and blogging. Le sigh.

Listen to this song. It is wonderful.