Welcome home

Here's a little tour of my northern chambre! I just got that mustard yellow vintage Samsonite train travel-case today at value village. For only $4.99!! This is why I love VV. I looked online and I couldn't find one under $25 and some were as much as $60. It's so great, and currently has made a home in my bathroom serving as a makeup/hair accessory station.

If you were wondering how you know if you're in Alaska...

In the first photo, the little calf is exploring a magpie on the bench, then in the second, it does a little gallop over to it's mom! If you've ever seen a little baby horse gallivanting around, that's exactly what this baby moose was doing. It was so cute! Not a day has gone by this week that I haven't seen a moose, whether it be in my backyard or on the road. I think they are very out and about this time of year.

38. Keep secrets

39. Take lots of snapshots

40. Never refuse homemade brownies

41. Don't postpone joy

42. Write "thank you" notes promptly