100 Follower Giveaway!

Now onto new business! This is by far the most exciting news that has ever happened on Delightfully Tacky. In honor of my 100 followers I am pleased to host a giveaway from my favorite online jewelry shop, Leviticus Jewelry! Ever since I saw this necklace on The Clothes Horse's blog last fall, I have dreamed of owning it. Alas, I am a penny pinching girl and never got the guts to lay down the cash to buy it. But now one of you can have it! This amazing BULLETPROOF necklace from Leviticus Jewelry is going to soon be going home to one lucky reader!

In order to get your chance to win this lovely prize, just leave a comment on this post! I'll enter your name twice in the drawing if you mention this giveaway on your blog, so just leave another comment with a link to the post in which you mentioned this giveaway. Voila! Better chances of winning!

Submit your entry before 11:59 pm on October 21, after which I'll be pulling the winner randomly.

And if you're not following yet, jump on board! Or, you know, do whatever. I realize that I actually have over 200 followers with all the different methods of following, but the Google thingy on my sidebar is kind of the easiest visual way to gauge followers. So if you are one of my Bloglovin' or other followers, I don't mean to leave you out! By all means, I love ALL my followers!

Don't forget to head over to Leviticus Jewelry and check out all of the incredible jewelry designs by designer Tara Levitin!
* If you don't have a blog, leave your email address so I have a way of getting ahold of you if you win*