For those about to ROCK!

It's Halloween!!! I think Halloween is my favorite holiday besides Christmas. If we got to wear costumes on Christmas=perfect.
I was going to be a boring old cat for halloween, but then I decided to have more fun and be a guitarist from an 80's hair metal band. I wish there were still bands like this and people who were into dressing totally crazily. Like, why not wear spandex and 50 scarves?

leggings/handmade :: leather jacket/thrifted :: police hat/vintage (g-pa's) :: tattoo shirt/gift

The great thing is that I didn't have to buy anything for this costume. I actually went through a David Lee Roth/David Bowie phase in 2008, and I used to dress like this for reals.

Like, seriously? This is hot. Yes please, sign me up. Whatever people are calling Rock 'n' Roll these days is SO not.

What are you guys being/doing for this most fun of holidays?!