October sky

October fools! I didn't actually make my hair red. We had a red wig laying around the house and I had hella insomnia last night so I ended up putting it on. I put it on again today to show my family. It's so odd to me that I look nothing like my mom even if my hair is red. She had the most vibrant red hair when she was my age. I did not receive the red hair genes, however my brother did. I got the massive curly dark hair genes from my dad.

shirt/found : skirt/thrifted&altered : shoes/minnetonka

I found this pink shirt last night in the closet of my old room. I like finding things I never would have worn in high school and having them be brand new in my mind. I was determined to wear a skirt today, even though it's getting cold. Sans tights even! Today at work quite a few people asked me if I ever wear pants, which is so weird for me. I never would have thought I would ever be that girl. I haven't been a regular skirt wearer since I was like... 4.

Oh! I got offered that job I interviewed for! I'm so excited. Hopefully my creative juices can start to flow again. This current job sucks me completely dry of creative energy. I can't wait to go start getting inspiration for my designs! Hello Anthropologie.com, I will be visiting you often. (did I say what the job was? I can't remember. Visual Merchandising).