Architectural Artwork

This is what I love about fashion. As an artist, this kind of stuff is so interesting to me. I know that a lot of people don't get this kind of fashion. I think that with these kinds of collections people need to not think about it as clothes in the strictly "wearable" sense. This kind of collection is more architectural artwork built around a human figure. It's a play on forms and textures, with juxtaposition against the form of the body.
In art, a lot of really great art is completely misunderstood and disregarded by the masses. That doesn't make every one who doesn't understand a Mark Rothko a hick ignoramus, there is a lot of incredible art that appeals to the masses. But there is a tendency for people who don't "get" art to just write it off as stupid and crazy, missing the really incredible depth that is there.

All that being said, I adore this collection by Victor & Rolf. I can't wait for Lady Gaga to show up at some event wearing one of these pieces. Thank God for people like Lady Gaga who have the wherewithal to wear something daring like these dresses. I wish more celebrities were excited about stuff like this, since they're the only ones who really get to wear couture designer dresses. I really loved the Atelier Versace collection as well for the same reasons as I like Victor & Rolf, and was so excited to see January Jones in that incredible Versace dress at the Emmy's.