Melt into the woodwork

Today I feel so productive! I bought this skirt today at Value Village and it was floor length, but I thought it would be perfect as a short skirt. So I cut it off and hemmed it, and I love it! I've been wanting a colorful skirt for so long but I just don't want one from like Forever 21 or something. I love unique stuff that I won't see on anyone else. Plus, thrifting and altering is way cheaper. Just 4.99 for this skirt, and I got another one (possibly more awesome?) for only 2.99!

skirt/thrifted&altered : shirt/fred meyer : tights/fred meyer : shoes/thrifted : hat/target

In other DIY fun, I wanted to do something to embellish my shoes but I didn't want it permanent like Krystal's, though I love her DIY. So I decided to make some fancy boot straps which are removable. I could've finished it yesterday, but I didn't get enough hardware and the store isn't open today, drat!

I'm totally in love with the first one and I CANNOT wait to wear them when both are done! I think I'm gonna make some more and maybe put them on etsy. This is my first time working with leather and it's really fun. We've got an amazing leather/fur/studs/hardware store here and I get so inspired for projects every time I go in.

I just saw John Galliano's spring 2010 collection tonight. The girls remind me of Moulin Rouge french prostitutes. That sounds like a scathing review but I actually really like the kind of disheveled clothing, gauche makeup and all around vulgar kind of feel to these looks. It makes me want to put on way too much make up and wear disheveled layers of clothing.

We bought pumpkins tonight and I'm going to carve them! I haven't carved pumpkins since 2005!