Working till the day I die

So I've been going back through my Chictopia archives (oh so nice to have a site dedicated to chronicling my outfits), and I've been picking out some outfits to wear to work. Since I have never worked there before, all of these outfits will be new for them, but old for all of you. I'll try to keep wearing new and different outfits, but I just know there will be those days where all my creativity has been sucked dry and I'll refer to this post to pick out a work outfit. So here are some of my old outfits which I think will be great for my new shiny job!

Even though my insides churn at the thought of spending money, I'm actually pretty excited about the infusion of new items into my wardrobe. I love reworking my old pieces (and I've been meaning to do some wardrobe remix posts but just haven't had the time to get to it yet), but new things are always fun, especially if they are versatile.

I can't believe it's already Wednesday! My life is moving a thousand miles an hour!