Christine Berrie Giveaway Winner!

Thanks to we have our Christine Berrie giveaway winner!

Congratulations to Diana of Our.City.Lights!

Soon a lovely new Christine Berrie print will appear on her doorstep! Or, at least her proverbial doorstep.

Sorry to all you lovely readers who did not win, but go over to Christine's etsy shop and pick up some Christmas presents for loved ones.. or, you know, yourself...
(one of my favorite polaroid cameras..)

She even has tote bags and aprons available with her drawings printed on them, go check them out, they are PERFECT presents.


I have been getting some questions from people, some of which I've tried to answer in a few previous posts, but I'd really like to consolidate my FAQs into one post. I want to have enough questions to actually do a whole post on my answers, so I have an assignment for you guys!
Ask me questions! Any questions (okay maybe not any questions). Ask me about me, style, my likes, dislikes, favorites, hair, etc., etc. Be whimsical, be serious. Be whatever, but I'd love to answer your guys' questions!

Shoot me an email at and hopefully within the week I'll have enough questions to do an FAQ post.