Fringe Benefits...

Okay, ready for a superficial post? I am. I was up at 6 am this morning to get to work at 7 in order to finish setting up for Black Friday. Thank God we aren't one of those crazy stores which opened at like 4 in the morning! Unfortunately I was the only one who showed up at 7, and since I don't have a key yet, I had to sit in my car and wait until the next person showed up. It was a pretty successful day, I think. I ended up cashing in on some of the deals we had and got three items: two dresses and a pair of boots. It was dark by the time I got home so I tried to find pictures online...but I couldn't find a picture of my favorite dress. I'll wear it soon and share with y'all.

Shall we continue with superficial and shallow topics? Indeed. Lets follow shopping with ... boys! Okay, well, boy... Man? Man.
Has anyone seen the show FRINGE? Ugh. So good. It's like the neo-X-Files, only better. I originally just liked it for the plots, characters and exciting effects, but if I just haven't fallen head over heels for Peter Bishop! Yowza! Haha. Peter is played by Joshua Jackson, and I prefer to say that I have a crush on Peter, not Joshua because I have no clue who Joshua is, but the character Peter... Yum. He's wickedly smart, has a razor sharp wit, a bad boy twinge, and is devastatingly handsome. Plus, you gotta love a man in a Peacoat. Mmm, mmm, mmm.

Okay now I just have to find my Peter Bishop in the non-fictional world. Le sigh. I wish.

Peter: Call Me