Ah, the weekend. It's supposed to be all relaxing, right? Alas, I find myself working on most weekends. After posting that drawing last post it really made me miss drawing and making prints. That's the beauty of college. For four years all I was supposed to do was create and learn. Now I'm working all the time and creating has become a luxury.

dress/fred meyer :: leggings/f21 :: shirtdress/fred meyer :: boots/target

In addition to wanting to get back to drawing, I have recently found one of our vintage cameras, an old Bell & Howell. It's an amazing little camera which puts two photos on one print. Like so:

This is from an old Bell & Howell camera we used to take photos with when I was in Spokane. It's really too bad that so many people are stuck on digital these days. I mean, the convenience is too much to pass up, but film cameras are just so great. I have almost two rolls of 120 film from my Holga that I need to get developed too, which I'm excited about. Color film, too! All this creative talk is really making me want to move back to Spokane and restart my magazine. As much as I want to go to grad school and get me some learnin' and then go work for a big fancy schmancy magazine like Nylon, I have this entrepreneurial urge in me which makes me want to go it alone. I love smaller cities like Anchorage and Spokane. Big magazines like Elle, Nylon, Vogue and so on, they don't care about us. They pretend like they are interested in people in small cities and fashion in small cities, but they care about designers, retail, and pushing trends. What I loved about my magazine was that it was small and for real people, featuring real people and local artists and musicians. Maybe once I figure out my life I'll get back to my own magazine. For some reason I have such an affinity for Spokane and don't think I'd be able to do the magazine anywhere else. Perhaps, not, though. We shall see...

While we are on the subject of art, on a total whim I bought this print off of Etsy tonight.

I've loved this print for a long time, it's by Christine Berrie. Her Etsy is full of incredible prints of her illustrations. You simply must head over there! All of her prints are very inexpensive, around $15.00 for the single illustrations, and between 20 and 40 for the larger ones. They're all Hi-resolution digital prints on heavyweight, archival paper. I think these beautiful little illustrations would be simply perfect Christmas presents.
Here are some of my absolute favorites: