Power Play

Thank God I go back to work tomorrow, this long weekend has become boring. I like getting a break from work, but this 4 day weekend was a little overkill. The temperature outside is hovering around zero degrees F, and I'm being a total goon watching NHL on TV and drinking ginger peach tea. I secretly wish I could join a hockey team.

shirt/thrifted :: scarf/mom's :: skirt/thrifted :: leggings/F21
socks/target :: boots/minnetonka

I'm wearing long sleeves! With the temperature dropping, all my cold weather wardrobe secrets are coming back to me. Most notably, the multiple layers of pants/leggings. I used to walk to class in the winter and so I'd have to wear thermal leggings underneath my pants all the time. Today I'm wearing two layers of leggings.

Okay, so remember how I said I had paid off almost half of my student loan? Well, apparently I accidentally duplicated my payment which means two things: I have very little left of my student loan to pay off now, and ... I currently have zero dollars. Actually, negative 22 dollars. Whoops! Hopefully my paycheck will be enough to get some decent Christmas presents! Luckily I get a paycheck tomorrow so I won't be so poor anymore. Well, still poor but not broke. Cause for celebration? Uh... kind of? Haha!