Snow days

Ah, the weekend. As I have spent most of the weekend covered in layers of warm clothing due to my outdoor activities, there are no outfit photos today. Also, the temperature has dropped about 30 degrees in the past couple days. Brr.
The other day I witnessed a most peculiar arctic phenomenon. Not even my Dad, who is a lifelong Alaskan, had ever seen anything like it before. I noticed that there looked to be a bunch of snowballs out strewn across the lake. It didn't look like there were footprints out there, so I went down to investigate what the balls were and how they got there.

There were hundreds of these snow-cylinders out there. We posited that they were made due to the very strong wind blowing on the lake and rolling them from small clumps of snow. We actually saw them being rolled by the wind while we were out there. Really bizarre!

And... obligatory cute dog photo.

Well, it's not supposed to get any warmer in the near future. I need long-sleeve things. I only have like two things in my whole closet which are long sleeved and it gets a little obnoxious wearing them over and over again. I am on a quest for cardigans... and other assorted long sleeved items. Thing is, I really don't care much for long sleeves. Having sleeves around my wrists drives me nuts, so I have to roll them up to be 3/4 sleeves. Oh well, I need to have warmer clothes, so I'd better get over it.