Never Been Kissed

Well, 2009 has six hours left (for me. for the rest of you it's surely less and perhaps some have already rung in 2010). I have yet to have a New Years Kiss in my entire existence on this little planet. Sigh. Someday.
I noticed I have been kind of behind on the whole compilation "best of" lists. Don't worry, I have some "Best of 2009" posts coming up. Only one or two though, I won't beat you guys over the head with New Years stuff. I don't really do resolutions. I don't think I've ever had one, actually. Maybe I should start smoking so then next year I can resolve to quit smoking. Haha. Who has a resolution to start smoking?? I'm ridiculous. Actually, I really do need to exercise more. I used to take dance classes and ride horses and walk/ride my bike to school. Now I do basically nothing physically taxing. I wish I could dance more, I love dancing. I should join a dance ... team/squad/group thing... or something. Or a hockey team. Mmmm.
I actually started a 23 before 24 list. I haven't filled it up completely yet, but as soon as I do I'll share with you guys my 23 things to do before I turn 24. Perhaps that will be a suitable substitute for a New Years Resolution.

skirt/thrifted :: dress/Ruche :: boots/target :: tights/fred meyer

I don't know what will happen in this next year. It's kind of frightening, actually. Every single year I think, "If, one year ago, you had told me that I would be here doing this I wouldn't have believed you." It's like, how can life be so crazy and unpredictable!? I mean, I guess it's better than life being boring, but sometimes it's exhausting! I am hoping for happy, exciting, adventurous times in 2010.

Perhaps later tonight I will post my top five favorite bloggers of 2009. Get ready!