Presents under the Tree

Alright, before I forget, I'm posting the winner of the giveaway! Thanks to, the lucky winner is....

Anna! Merry Christmas, Anna!

And merry Christmas to me! My Dad works on Christmas day so we opened presents a day early. I decided to go for a quasi-elf look. A la Zooey Deschanel in Elf! I mean, we were opening presents, so I had to rock the green tights. I am sure you'll be seeing a lot of new items in my wardrobe soon, including some... Rodarte for Target!! I think I may need to go get some more RFT though, I've been loving seeing some of the pieces on a bunch of ladies in the blogosphere.

skirt/F21 :: tights/goodwill :: shirt/thrifted :: boots/gift

The boots I'm wearing were a Christmas present today! My feet match my doggie! Maybe I won't steal my Mom's mukluks anymore...
As if you all haven't had enough Christmas overload already, here are some Christmassy pictures!

Here is Little Bit, with her Christmas present: Booties! At first when we put them on her she walked around like she had on Kitten Mittens. It was hilarious. Her feet are so tiny, though, that when she ran around a lot they had a tendency to fall off. Maybe she'll like them when she realizes that they keep her feet from getting frozen.

I think we're gonna go see Sherlock Holmes tomorrow. I kinda liked the ads (even though, like all movies today, the movie looks like at least 80% action and special effects and 20% plot), so I hope it's a good movie. I haven't seen any reviews, but I don't pay that much attention to those anyway.