This Is My Confession

Oh wow, I haven't posted since Thursday! I could've sworn I posted more recently than that! Hm. Work seems to be consuming my life. Gotta get money for Christmas presents! This year I've decided to only do my Christmas shopping on Etsy. It seems like such a great place for Christmas presents! No one will have the same gifts as you, plus you're supporting regular people who are creative! I would show you guys the awesome presents I have gotten so far, but unfortunately all my recipients know about my blog, so I can't reveal my presents yet.

dress/cosette :: shoes/payless :: fascinator/handmade :: necklace/vintage

I tried to take my photos in a new spot today, a more "Alaskan" location, if you will. Now you can see what the world looks like up here beyond my garage door! Snow berms and frozen lakes! The snow covered our ice rink and we haven't re-plowed it yet, otherwise you'd see it behind me.

Also, I have a confession to make...


I watched New Moon tonight, and I'm 100% team Jacob. It's true, fair readers. I'm not a Twilight freak or anything, and I haven't read all the books (my mom has though, haha! She started reading them as "research" because she's a librarian at a middle school). Maybe it's the Native blood in me, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how that Bella character chooses a pasty white, sickly looking, moody bloodsucker over a warm, tan, funny, happy, manly dude who changes into a WOLF. Are you kidding me? Haha, actually this is just coming back to me: When I was little I was in love with wolves. They were my favorite animal. I even sponsored a wolf because they were endangered. When my dad went to Alaska for a job interview, he and my mom brought me back a little wolf stuffed animal, which I named "Wolfie" (I also had a snake named "snakey" and a duck named "ducky." I wasn't really creative with my stuffed animal names...). That is all to say, that I think It was destined for me to be on team Jacob.