Over the past few days my life has turned topsy turvy! I apologize for the lack of posts. I really enjoyed your guys' names! It was really interesting to see what you guys thought and why you thought those names fit me. I will say that my own real name won, as far as how many people guessed it. I'll tell you all my favorites and then which names were most popular as far as how many people chose them.

My favs:
By far. AWESOME. Whoever guessed that and then gave the movie Deathproof as the reason...WIN. Deathproof is on of my favorite movies and I love the name Abernathy. Badass for sure.

For some reason this name is just so fun and feisty.

I had a lot of people pick kind of retro names, which is definitely to my liking. I love the names that grandmothers have.

See above.

Duh, Zooey D. is awesome! Haha.

Okay, now here are the names that got some kind of consensus in the comments:

Alexandra/Alejandra x 3
Alana/Alena x 3
Magdalena/Maggie x 3
Katherine x 3
Madeline x 3
Rebecca x 3
Zoey/Zooey x 3

And the most people chose:
Elizabeth x 8

I guess my parents chose right??
I've gone by Liz, Libby/Libs and Elizabeth. Elizabeth has the most nicknames possible of almost any name. Lizzy, Beth, Liza, Lizbeth, Betty, Ellie, Elle, etc.

Names are so weird though, right? I mean our parents choose our names before they've ever even met us, and then for the rest of our lives we are called one thing, which has nothing to do with who we really are or what people perceive of us. Sometimes some of us get nicknamed, which sort of gives you a 'new' name. It's kind of a funny thing. There's a lot that's wrapped up in a name. I mean, Don Draper is a totally different person than Dick Whitman (or so he'd like to think).

Anyway, on to the top ten outfits of 2009. This will be my last recap of 2009, as it's now time to move on to all things 2010. Hopefully in the next week or two I will have more of a grasp on what my life will be like for the next few months. All I have to say for now is, get ready for a lot more outfit photos in snow...