Alyeska Afternoon

This morning I sat in the kitchen checking emails and watching planes land on the lake. Then my family came home from grocery shopping and my Dad and brother decided to go snowboarding/skiing at Alyeska and invited me, so I stripped off my outfit and got my warm clothes on to go snowboarding! I haven't snowboarded since March of last year, so I'm not great, but I'm decent. For the past four or five years I've only gone once a year (and actually the past few years it's been on the exact same day of the year, incidentally).

My mom took my pictures today right before I got ready to go. I always do some stupid wacky pose when she takes my photos. Usually my face ends up looking like a deranged whale, though, but this time I was actually smiling, so here I am being a goon.

tank top/F21 :: shirt/billabong :: skirt/F21 :: tights/wet seal :: boots/lulu e. bebe

It was a very pretty drive down to Alyeska, and it was absolutely stunning on the way home. The photos of the drive home are still on my dad's phone, but I'll try to get him to email them to me so I can post them. Mt. Redoubt was steaming and the sky was reddish pink fading to the best orange color and reflected in the water of Turnagain Arm amongst the ice chunks. You can kind of see it in the top photo but that doesn't do it justice whatsoever.

Right now I'm watching the Aces play on the road in Stockton, CA. It's awesome that they broadcast the games online PPV now! A cozy night in eating leftover pizza and watching hockey!