Blogging at 39,000

Greetings from 39,000 ft. trusty blog readers! I know I know, what the hell am I doing in an airplane on an unannounced journey?! Well, I only bought the ticket an hour before boarding, so you know about this journey only about 4 hours later than I do. I am currently on my way to the Emerald city of Seattle, WA. Let me explain myself.

So, I was supposed to be going to San Francisco later this month for Grad School. I have decided that this is not the right move for me, not right now at least. It all feels much too rushed and just, not right. It’s a strange and inarticulable feeling, to say the least. I feel I am doing the right thing though. I had to ask myself, “If I was going to do anything I wanted right now what would it be?” My answer was, “If I could do anything I wanted, I would buy an early 70’s Winnebago Brave and be a vagabond, chronicling my journeys on my blog and in the form of a book which I would write over the course of my wanderings. Preferably with a dog and/or friend.” So. The next day I went on craigslist and found the perfect Winnebago. PERFECT. It was in Washington near Gig Harbor. Unfortunately he sold it mere hours ago. I am heartbroken, folks. HEARTBROKEN, I SAY! But my quest is not over. I will find my perfect soulmate of a Winnebago yet, and when I do (and when I have sufficient funds to take said journey) I will take you all with me, through this blog!!! Anyway, I’m still going to Washington because I need a break. I feel as if I just need to escape for a few days. Plus, my Dad was going anyway to take care of a couple things, so I decided to come down and help him. As of now, I’m still going to be taking grad courses, but just online and I’ll be raising money for my life-dream here at home in Alaska.

So, all that being said, I have decided to start accepting sponsors for my blog. Not because I want to make money off of my blog, but to help fund my life-dream of Winnebago-ing. If you saw my art in my post a few days ago you may have noticed the presence of many Winnebagos. Yes, I am in fact quite in love with them. Some girls like jewelry, I like ugly old cars (my other car is a 1970 Chevrolet El Camino, which many people find revolting, haha!). As soon as Craigslist produces my love in RV form (and some jerk doesn’t buy it right out from under me!), I will prepare for the ultimate vagabond journey. My journey won’t have a destination, but I will wander in a semi-logical manner, finding old friends from college and visiting them, perhaps some family members, and maybe settling down and being a waitress or dishwasher for a few weeks to replenish my gas money.

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