Flair to Remember

It seems that my nature has not changed since college. I am currently in the midst of putting together a portfolio for my interview tomorrow afternoon. I'm still the good ol' procrastinator that I always was! It's kind of strange putting together a portfolio for a job. Portfolios for college just involved putting forth your best work, but trying to get a job? You have to try and predict what the employer wants most. Do they want me to show my creativity or my ability to make logos, or what? I suppose it comes down to what kind of graphic design firm you're applying to. I guess I can only show what I think embodies my style and abilities.

I decided to start watching Bones, mainly because it's the one thing on Hulu that I haven't seen all the episode of and looked mildly interesting. Aaaand, I needed something to watch while I did my portfolio. It's an okay show. I hate when detective shows utilize much too futuristic technology to solve crimes. So, Bones isn't my favorite show ever. It's got pretty typical characters and relatively uninteresting cases, but it's alright. I prefer Fringe and Castle when it comes to crime solving shows. Actually, it's pretty funny to see Emily Deschanel act in something. I've only ever seen Zooey, but they are so similar! I wonder what my sister would be like if I had one. I'm really glad I don't have one though. I'm not the sisterly type.

dress/thrifted :: boots/target

This dress makes me feel like Nikki from Flair to Remember. I love her style. Hers was one of the first blogs that I read on a regular basis. She's got this perfectly vintage, carefree, summery style that I could only wish to have. Of course, she lives in Australia, which means she gets to be on the beach, dress up for races, and look perfectly tan. It almost makes me want to move to Australia!

I've picked out my outfit for tomorrow, and I'm not wearing that green ruffled top. It's kind of hard for me to determine what is an appropriate "interview outfit." I feel like so many people just wear black grey and navy to interviews, and I hope that potential employers don't see my outfits as too casual for an interview simply because I don't wear what other people typically do. I got offered the job I interviewed for on Sunday, so either way I have a job, but I really want this Graphic Design job, if only to validate my degree, haha!